Our Events


Community Carnival

The Kiwanis Club of Hawthorne has sponsored a community carnival for over 50 years. This event is our major fund raiser and is the means for much of the community support you see on our We Support page. Our members either work the gate to collect admission or sell tickets for the ride attractions.


    See Photos of Carnival


Christmas Senior Luncheon

This is a time in December we take the time to honor the seniors of our community by providing them with an italian style lunch and Christmas music. Our master chef is pisano Bob Marsella who works his kitchen staff hard but treats them to a number of culinary benefits. The meal is then (almost always) topped off my delicious ice cream.


Firework Concession

The Club enters an annual drawing with the City of Hawthorne to obtain the right to sell fireworks during the week of the July 4th holiday. If our name is drawn, we must sit out the next year’s drawing making this project a variable source of funding, but well worth the effort. Members will work the stand and sell safe and sane fireworks.


Kiwanis One Day

Is a day when all Kiwanis family members around the globe unite in a day of

hands-on service.

Family Christmas Party

In December we host a Christmas breakfast for our families and celebrate the season with a visit from Santa and a present for each chi

Annual Police and Firefighter of Year Recognition

Each year we host a joint luncheon with the Rotary Club of Hawthorne to honor certain police officers and firefighters that have shown exemplary service or gone above and beyond their call of duty in service to our community.

On June 7 we held the annual joint meeting with the Rotary Club honoring the police officer and firefighter of the year. Top picture L-R: Rotary President Doug Kraus, Police Officer of the Year Bradley Jackson, Acting Kiwanis President Dennis Wild, Hawthorne Police Chief Robert Fager.

Bottom picture L-R: Acting Kiwanis President Dennis Wild, Firefighter of the Year Jason Kokenge, LA County Battalion Chief Roland Owens, Rotary President Doug Kraus.